Investor Relations

We are Nigeria's premier development and investment institution driving economic growth and empowering communities


Empowering development through Public-Private collaboration

Established in 2010, NCDFGroup is a distinguished public-private development and investment institution. We work in close collaboration with the Government of Nigeria to ensure the state's guarantee of our bonds through an explicit issuer guarantee. Our primary objective is to provide a wide range of financial products, expertise, and network access to both the private sector and disadvantaged communities.

Funding Need: $200 Million (2024-2028) - diversifying markets and investors

In the period of 2024-2028, we have a funding requirement of $200 million. In our pursuit of financial stability, we emphasize diversification across markets, geography, investor types, and tenor. To secure funding, we employ a two-pronged approach, utilizing both public markets and private placements. We strategically focus on the US dollar and Naira markets, ensuring access to key currencies. Furthermore, we attract funding in various currencies through our Issuance Programmes. To maintain a balanced financial position, we adhere to a duration matching policy, aligning our assets and liabilities.

Government Collaboration: Ensuring financial stability and commitment fulfilment

Our partnership with the Government of Nigeria is integral to our operations. The proposed agreement with the government encompasses essential provisions that safeguard our financial stability and enable us to meet our commitments effectively. Through this agreement, the Nigerian Government will commits to providing sufficient resources to meet our prudential requirements, mitigating any potential challenges that could hinder our ability to fulfill our commitments, including capital market funding. This collaborative approach ensures the sustained success of our operations and reinforces our commitment to driving economic growth and development in Nigeria.

At NCDFGroup, we prioritize transparency, financial stability, and responsible investment practices to foster strong investor relations and contribute to sustainable development in Nigeria.