What We DO

NCDF Investment Management: Investing for positive change

At NCDF Investment Management, our approach to work is centred around creating both financial returns and significant development impact. With over 14 years of experience, we have successfully invested for impact and profit.

Our track record demonstrates that these two goals can be achieved simultaneously. We pride ourselves on maintaining a high-quality portfolio, which speaks to the institutional quality of our organisation.

Our rigorous deal selection, thorough due diligence, and effective portfolio management are considered best in class. As a result, we consistently generate stable returns and profits, even during challenging economic periods.

How it Works

A combined objective of investing for both financial returns and development impact

NCDF Investment Management is dedicated to achieving a dual objective of generating financial returns while making a positive development impact. We offer our services to multiple funds, each tailored to different market risk-return profiles to suit various investor preferences.

There are several advantages to partnering with NCDF Investment Management
1. Profitable track record in sustainable investing: We have a proven history of delivering profitable returns through sustainable investment strategies.
2. Over 14 years of experience in emerging markets: Our team brings extensive expertise in navigating and capitalizing on opportunities in emerging markets.
3. Existing deal flow: We have a robust pipeline of investment opportunities, providing access to a wide range of potential projects.
4. Strong alignment with our own investments: We prioritize investing alongside our clients, ensuring a shared commitment and alignment of interests.

NCDF investment management philosophy

At NCDF Investment Management, our philosophy is centered around ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles and active engagement. All funds advised by us benefit from FMO's proven and practical approach to sustainability.


ESG and Active Engagement

By prioritizing ESG practices, active engagement, sustainable impact evaluation, and adherence to global standards, NCDF Investment Management aims to make a positive and responsible investment impact.


Impact Indicators

We firmly believe that integrating sustainable practices into business operations leads to stronger financial results and long-term viability. Therefore, we assess the impact of our investments systematically, considering not only the business success but also the effects on the local economy, community, and environment.


Investment Policies

Our investment policies and processes are built upon years of experience in sustainable investing. We strive to adhere to global standards and engage with other market actors to continuously refine and evolve our approach. Our decision-making at the fund level follows the established procedures while incorporating additional steps as needed.


Exclusion list

We adhere to an exclusion list, ensuring that neither FMO nor our clients finance any activities, productions, trades, distributions, or involvement with items listed as excluded.



Sustainability is at the core of our investment approach. As we exclusively source investments from FMO, the FMO Sustainability Policy applies to all investments we advise upon. This policy aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and guides our contribution to sustainable development.

Enabling vital transitions

As a financial player, our mission is to enable and accelerate these vital transitions. Impact investing is our tool to connect investors with businesses and entrepreneurs dedicated to creating a better world. Here are five reasons to join us in this endeavour:

Long-term Financial Performance

Studies show that impact investing offers comparable long-term performance to mainstream investing while creating real value and contributing to a better quality of life.

Direct Investments in the Real Economy

Impact investing provides tangible social and environmental benefits by supporting companies and projects that create real value for society and the economy.

Full Transparency

We offer full transparency, ensuring that investors know exactly where their money is invested and promoting greater accountability in the financial industry.

Diverse Investment Options

Impact investing provides a range of investment options across asset classes, allowing investors to build a portfolio committed to positive social and environmental impact.

Addressing Global Challenges

The urgency to address environmental pressures and social inequities requires a fundamental change in how we invest. With an estimated USD 7 trillion needed to address global challenges, impact investing offers a unique opportunity to make a difference.

Join us in investing for a better world with NCDF Investment Management.