What We DO

NCDFGroup: Fostering sustainable growth

NCDFGroup's commitment to impactful and sustainable growth

At NCDFGroup, we are committed to driving impactful and sustainable growth in businesses and communities across all sectors. Our approach is meticulously impact-led and commercially rigorous, ensuring that our investments deliver enduring value.

Direct equity and Patient Capital

Our specialisation lies in providing patient capital to private enterprises, offering developmental support and long-term growth capital. With a typical investment range of 5 to 20 per cent of a company's equity, we actively encourage broadened share ownership to deepen local capital markets.

Supporting crucial policy areas

NCDFGroup aligns with its mission by supporting private and public investments in crucial policy areas, bringing high-added value. This includes sustainable infrastructure, research, innovation, digitization, small and medium-sized businesses, and social investment and skills.

Areas of finance

Sustainable Infrastructure

Transport: Clean and sustainable transport modes, road safety, and renewable energy.
Energy: Emphasising on renewable energy, energy efficiency, and digital connectivity, especially in rural areas.
Environmental Sustainability: Waste management, nature and environment infrastructure, cultural heritage, and tourism.
Innovation and Climate Resilience: Deployment of innovative technologies contributing to environmental and social sustainability objectives.

SME & Cooperative

Ensuring access to finance for SMEs, including innovative and cultural sectors, as well as small companies.
Providing support for businesses with difficulties accessing finance, such as start-ups and smaller companies perceived as higher risk for traditional lenders.

Sustainable Infrastructure

Focusing on microfinance and social enterprise finance.
Implementing measures promoting gender equality, skills, education, training, and related services.
Supporting social infrastructure, health, long-term care, and social innovation.
Emphasising on inclusion and accessibility, cultural and creative activities with a social goal, and integration of vulnerable people.

Portfolio guarantees & credit enhancement

We collaborate with various financial intermediaries, providing portfolio guarantees, credit enhancement, and securitization services to ensure access to finance for SMEs. Our expertise in the SME guarantee market has led us to manage several mandates on behalf of the European Commission or national and regional Managing Authorities.

How It Works

Our involvement in the Microcredit sector since 2010 has allowed us to provide funding, guarantees, and technical assistance to a broad range of financial intermediaries, aiming to make micro-finance a fully-fledged segment of the Nigerian financial sector.

Cultural and Creative Sectors Guarantee

NCDFGroup supports micro-businesses and SMEs in the cultural and creative sectors, providing them with access to affordable debt financing for their projects. The initiative is expected to create new loans and other financial products for final beneficiaries through the guarantee's catalytic effect.

At NCDFGroup, our commitment to providing Direct Equity, Guarantees, Debt, and Patient Capital is driven by our passion for creating sustainable impact and fostering growth in businesses and communities.