What We DO

Advisory services for project development and financing in Nigeria

Comprehensive advisory services for investment projects in Nigeria

At NCDFGroup, we offer a comprehensive range of advisory services designed to facilitate and support investment projects in Nigeria. Whether for public or private project promoters, our goal is to enhance project development, improve access to finance, and foster a conducive business environment.

Our approach

NCDFGroup conducts in-depth market and sector studies to gain insights into the specific needs of various industries and regions. We work closely with our clients to develop effective strategies, refine their skills, and share our extensive expertise, empowering them to independently manage their projects. Our support extends to guiding projects through the necessary steps to secure financing, including the mobilisation of complex or ad-hoc financial solutions where required.

Key Offerings

Strategic Development

We provide strategic support to help promoters and beneficiaries realise their projects within Nigeria and beyond.

Market Development

Our services assist clients in defining the parameters and specific needs of sectors, regions, or investment programs.

 Project Development

NCDFGroup offers support in preparing, structuring, and implementing projects, which are then funded by various financiers.

Key benefits of partnering with the NCDFGroup


Comprehensive Knowledge

Our experts possess unique technical and financial expertise developed over years of experience in a broad range of sectors and policy areas.


Market Intelligence

We understand market needs, gaps, and failures from both a project financing and a policy perspective.


Trusted Partnership

NCDFGroup is a neutral and trusted partner, providing independent support and advice tailored to the specific needs of its beneficiaries.


Client-Oriented Approach

Clients can rely on our efficient and flexible delivery model, which mobilizes local partners and external consultants on the ground.

How We Work

Comprehensive support for innovative and sustainable projects

Our support encompasses various forms, such as raising awareness about funding options, designing investment programs, and building the skills of local teams. We focus on supporting projects that prioritise innovation, environmental and social sustainability, climate impact, and circularity.

NCDFGroup offers


Awareness raising and networking

Dissemination of best practices through events, seminars, and conferences designed to facilitate knowledge exchange and the best use of funds.


Policy advice and strategic programming support

Working with public entities to develop specific policies or programs addressing social needs or market gaps.


Coaching, training, and capacity building

Guiding promoters and beneficiaries to achieve better results and enhance their ability to deliver successful projects.

Project Development Services

NCDFGroup offers comprehensive support in preparing, structuring, and implementing projects eligible for funding from various financiers. 

How it works

Our activities cover preparation, implementation support, financial structuring, impact assessment, and guidance on procurement and regulation. This comprehensive support ensures that projects have a significant impact, improving quality of life and addressing challenges like climate change. Our expertise empowers project promoters, government agencies, and private companies to independently implement future projects effectively.

Key benefits

Main types of support

-Financial structuring and access to finance support
- Environmental, climate, and social impact assessment
- Advice on procurement and regulatory issues

Strategic Development Services

NCDFGroup provides strategic support to assist promoters and beneficiaries in Nigeria and globally in realizing their projects.

How it works

Our support includes campaigns to raise awareness about funding options, strategies for designing investment programs, and enhancing the skills of local teams, empowering promoters and beneficiaries to independently embark on projects in the future.

Key benefits

Main types of support

-Awareness raising, networking, and dissemination of best practices
- Policy advice, planning, and strategic programming support
- Coaching, training, and capacity building

At NCDFGroup, we are committed to supporting strategic and impactful projects in Nigeria, fostering sustainable development and positive change.

Market Development

We assist clients in defining the parameters and specific needs of sectors, regions, or investment programs. Our sector studies allow clients to determine market gaps and funding mechanisms to address them effectively.

At NCDFGroup, we are dedicated to supporting sustainable and impactful investment projects in Nigeria, leveraging our expertise and experience to drive positive change and growth.

Key benefits